Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wanted to Share

I just posted my "RAP" so to speak about "How We Grew".  I participated in the Discovery Program at McMaster University.  This was a special program provided to 22 individuals who are from the lower social economic areas of Hamilton, ON.  We had our classes on Saturdays at the Main Branch of the Hamilton Public Library.  We read 4 books, Hamilton, a Peoples History by Bill Freeman; where the concrete desert blooms-a graphic novella by tings chak; Falling into Place by John Terpstra; and Road Work Ahead (poetry and images), an anthology.  We were very fortunate to have guest lecturers and our professor Daniel Coleman and his trusty sidekick Jeanette Eby and several mentoring McMaster University students to assist many of us first time "university students".  We each had a project to do and I chose to work on the history of my neighbourhood, McQuesten.  I really wanted to do a Rap but Lordy,  Lordy is that an art form and a half.  Never appreciated Rap until I started to research it.  So I created the Ode to McQuesten poem.

My project is a 6 panel display - 3 large and 3 small graphically showing the history of McQuesten neighbourhood.  Originally it was farmland then the airport and then today.  I interviewed many people and wrote brief comments from the interviews.

It was a great experience and am so grateful to have participated.

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