Saturday, April 21, 2012

Helping the poor - an example

Poverty Reduction!  Who is responsible?  How do we help? 

These issues gnaw at me at times.  I see the results of poverty on the peoples faces.  The withdrawn sometime sullen composure of  folks as I walk in my neighbourhood and in other areas of town.  Many people live each moment not sure how to plan for a future as what future does one have?  How can one dream big dreams when one is hungry or cold?  How can one dream of owning a home or a car when you worry where you will get the money to feed your children tonight?  Will the food bank have enough food to help you through another week?

I wonder and ponder these issues.  Today is Ridvan and I found this on the web page 239 days.  Read the following about the Master:  

I also found the following quote and it inspired me.
Be sympathetic with all suffering, nurse the sick, offer a shelter to the exiled, help the poor and those in need, dress all wounds and share the happiness of each one.
After our Holy Day celebration I was walking with friends.  I had a rose with me.  As we were walking through the mall we met a man who was old and haggard in dress and appearance.  I started to approach him and he was very hesitant and at first tried to avoid me.  I stopped him and gave him the rose.  The reward?  His smile radiated his being.  He became alive and asked me why I gave him a rose.  I explained I was a Baha'i and we are celebrating our most Holy Day, Ridvan which means Paradise and that I wanted to share a bit of paradise with him.

How can we bring paradise to those in poverty?  What can we do to brighten their day?  Please share what you think you can do to bring some light to a gloomy day.